MIS Reporting

Management Information System – (MIS)

Thus Management Information System(MIS) is a set of procedures that provides important data and information to the management for making an informed decision and hence a link between information-gathering and decision-making.

While MIS is a given and an established tool for management process in a Medium or a Large Business, its use or efficacy is lacking in many Micro or Small Business's (MSE’s).

Advantages of MIS and reporting

1. Helps manage data
2. Analyse trends
3. Helps in strategic planning
4. Helps in goal setting
5. Helps identify problems
6. Improves efficiency
7. Helps compare the performance

Waste No More Time!

It is challenging being a CFO these days. Complicated decisions have to be made on many fronts, and knowing exactly how to proceed at any given time is harder than it looks.